IntelliGuide Vision

Deploying PreciseFlex robots into unstructured and semi-structured applications just got a lot easier.

Deploying the #1 robot in lab automation has never been easier or faster.

We've embedded vision into our widely adopted Servo Grippers. With the Auto-Teach function of the IntelliGuide, customers can save 1 to 3 days of design, engineering, and setup costs. The IntelliGuide Vision is installed and calibrated from the factory. Ready to use out-of-the-box.

Advanced functions like Auto-Teach also saves time during the deployment and recovery from changes in the system. Clear-Check and Presence/Absence functions enable error-proofing to keep systems running around the clock.

IntelliGuide Vision also features barcode reading.

The IntelliGuide v23 features 23N gripping force and 60 mm stroke, making it ideal for picking deepwell plates in portrait and landscape modes. It is also we suited for PCBA handling. Gripper fingers are optional.

The IntelliGuide v60 features 60N gripping force and 40 mm stroke, making it ideal for applications requiring payloads up to 3 kg. Gripper finders are optional.