Life Sciences

At Brooks, we understand that automation has the potential to transform the life sciences landscape. By leveraging our expertise and advanced technologies, we provide our customers with the means to achieve efficient, accurate, and reliable testing, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for patients and researchers alike. Experience the future of life sciences with our pioneering automation solutions.

PreciseFlex Collaborative Robots

PreciseFlex 400

Sample Handler is ideal for benchtop applications where safety, ease of use, and space savings are critical.

PreciseFlex 3400

(3kg payload) - Ideal for sample handling when more payload is needed.

PreciseFlex c10

(10kg payload) - The latest generation of collaborative robots with a tall Z-axis and large cylindrical work envelope of 900mm.

PathFinder Benchtop Systems

PathFinder OEM Modules

PathFinder Benchtop System

PathFinderâ„¢ benchtop systems are designed to automate the receipt, handling, distribution and storage of incoming samples in the Pathology Laboratory.

Tube Decapper Module

Designed to automate the pre-analytical function of decapping a specimen collection tube.

Tube Sealer Module

Designed to automate the post-analytical function of sealing an open specimen collection tube.