Part Transfer/Pick & Place

Part-transfer robots and pick-and-place robots are widely used for the simple task of transferring parts/products from one location to another, particularly when companies struggle to find workers. Virtually all industries, including Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Packaged Goods, Food & Beverage, Electronics, Med Devices, Metals, and Plastics, can benefit from automating these tasks. With their unique configuration and slim design, PreciseFlex collaborative robots excel at picking and reorienting parts, as well as transferring them between conveyors and machines.

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With their space-saving footprint and highest workspace density, PreciseFlex robots make the most of your floor space. The controller is embedded in the robot, and there are no bulky robot cables to deal with. Additionally, PreciseFlex robots allow you to stack part buffers from top to bottom in shelves and racks, further reducing the system footprint.

A range of fully-integrated electric Servo Grippers makes it easy to get started. The gripper position and gripping force can be adjusted specifically for your application.

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(3kg payload) - Ideal for small parts handling, kitting, and electronics testing

(8kg payload) - The latest generation of cobots with tall Z-axis and large cylindrical work envelop

(6kg payload) - The latest generation of cobots with 6-axis articulation, tall Z-axis, and large cylindrical work envelop

(3-6 kg payload) - The only collaborative Cartesian robot that offers a space-saving design with speed and safety.