PreciseFlex DD 6-axis Cobot

Payload: 6 kg | Horizontal reach: 896 mm

For a majority of machine tending and handling applications, 4-axes or less is sufficient. The PreciseFlex DD 6-axis robot is available when full articulation is needed and is ideal for small parts handling and machine tending applications.

Available with 500, 1000, and 1420 mm vertical reach, the cylindrical column work envelope keeps the footprint small and enables reaching into shelves, racks, and machines.

Applications include Machine Tending, Small Parts Handling, and Mobile Cobots.

Get Started

With their space-saving footprint and highest workspace density, PreciseFlex robots make the most of your floor space. The controller is embedded in the robot, and there are no bulky robot cables to deal with. Additionally, PreciseFlex robots can reach into shelves and racks from top to bottom providing access to stacked parts. allow you to stack parts in shelves and racks, further reducing the system footprint.

Our optional servo grippers also make it easy to get started.