Brooks 已認證二手設備

Brooks 二手設備

Brooks Certified Used Equipment (BCUE) program offers spare Brooks components that help you reduce your tool-down time while staying within your maintenance budget. Our high quality BCUE products offer longer warranties and longer product life to reduce your overall Cost Of Ownership.

Whether you urgently need a replacement component now for a tool down situation, or whether you are simply adding to your spares inventory in preparation for that day, choose BCUE to with confidence that you are getting the best value for your time and budget.

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There are hundreds of repurposed automation and vacuum process equipment available. Click the link below to browse select items on this site, or contact us via the form below with your specific needs.


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  • Initial inquiry response typically < 24 hours
  • Manufactured OEM trained technicians, following OEM procedures, using OEM parts
  • 經過測試和認證,以符合新產品的效能標準
  • 品質保證:12 個月原廠保固
  • Local and corporate technical support available