Smart Tag 紅外線 8200 和 8400 系列

Brooks Auto ID System 是業界領先的自動載具識別系統,用於今日的自動化半導體晶圓廠。其結合最新的顯示器、邏輯運算及通訊技術,同時提供多樣化的電子流程卡。本系統提供的解決方案可追蹤、識別與管理 Front-Opening-Unified-Pods (FOUPs)、SMIF-Pods、晶舟盒、光罩、作業員及探針卡。

一個識別標記附加到要跟踪的項目(200毫米莢,300毫米FOUP,磁帶,等等)和讀取器被集成到工藝,測量和材料處理設備。與讀者融入 SMIF加載端口 ,儲料器和手動工作正在進行(WIP)倉儲貨架,沒有必要對紙張有旅客和運行卡。讀者在自動工具進行通信到達後,很多ID。

Smart Tag™ (Infrared ID)

The SMART Tag can be integrated into 200mm and 150mm SMIF load ports, stocker I/Os, and WIP racks. It automatically communicates the lot ID upon arrival at a tool.

Wireless communication technologies (Radio Frequency and Infrared), incorporated by the SMART-Traveler System, enable the tags to communicate reliably with minimum power consumption.


  • Eliminates misprocessing and increases tool productivity, automatically identifying lots, reticles and probe cards.
  • Speeds the location and delivery of lots to tools, managing manual and automated WIP, and reticle storage.
  • Increases operator productivity with integrated data displays that let operators access lot/tool specific data where and when they need it.
  • Reduces system cost and increases system reliability.
  • Provides flexible auto ID systems that can be used in a variety of applications – in both manual and automated fabs.
  • In use at more than 100 fabs world-wide.
  • Meets all applicable SEMI standards.